I am new to the wiregrass area and I am looking to meet new and exciting ppl.  Just wanted to say hello and get my feet wet while setting up my page here on lj.

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Who knew that there would actually be a Wiregrass community. :)
Out of boredom, searched for alabama communities and came across this one.

I use to live in Enterprise, graduated from EHS in 98. Now living in Calera, which is a little south of Birmingham.

Thought I would say hello since I just joined. Where is everyone else from?
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Just joining up to say "hi". I grew up in Fort Rucker, graduated from Daleville High (1996), and wound up going to University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

Miss the Wiregrass, especially from out here in Iraq.

If anyone knows Crystal Wing (seriously, that was her name) from Enterprise, say "Hi" to her from me, though I don't think she'll remember that crazy fat guy who fell for her while taking care of her in the Fort Rucker hospital back in 1995.
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3 Ringside WWE Raw Tickets in Dothan, AL on Feb. 11th

Hi all,
I have 3 Ringside tickets for the upcoming WWE Raw Live wrestling event at the Dothan Civic Center on Feb. 11th at 7:30 pm. These tickets are Ringside section D, Row 7 and were originally paid nearly $50.00 per ticket. Make me an offer. I am selling these quite reasonably and need to sell ASAP (preferably via PAYPAL) so that there will still be time to send them to you.

Please do not reply here, but email me at: jlyonne@uno.edu if you are interested.

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I just joined tonight/this morning. I've lived down here several times, but have just now permanently moved to Avon. Just figured I would say "hello" and hope that everybody has stayed dry so far.
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On adult swim tonight Dothan was mention. It was during the commercial break for Family Guy when they do the email thing. The question was "Have you ever come down from a bad trip?" The answer was "We spent some time in Dothan, Al once." or something like that. Funny.
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venue needs good bands!

if you are a good band and you want to play a gig in Dothan, AL then let me know!

Rewired Coffee Co. needs good bands for the wonderful summer season (and the future!)...leave a comment with some contact info and i will be in touch!

-we do it because we love the music.


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This is about one of the funniest things I've found in my bored,exhausted as fuck, searches.

I'm James O'Keefe I use to live in Ozark, now I'm rocking the Hotlanta so for anyone still stuck in peanutsville I feel sorry for ya.